About Us

Who We Are

A great team with the passion to change the world to a better place where everyone gets a chance to change their destiny!
We have the courage to help & support positive change that leads to a better world
We decided to be the 1st in this battle as our world deserves wiser human decision which is still controlled by few persons

What we do

We developed this game where you as a gamer could play with characters to express your opinion much strongly & share your thoughts by recording a video with or without your voice .
As most of us prefer not to make videos content of ourselves, this will be an ideal way to encourage people make video content & share it with others through social media channels.

We also provide the opportunity to add your own character within the game to measure the community's opinion towards your character which would be important in case you want to represent yourself as a Head of state, represented in Parliament or even a governor. Or you may be interested in measuring the opinion of the community towards your new company or product!

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for people with opinions about what is going on around them & want their voice to be accounted for in all aspects of life affecting them.

We support freedom of speech which is prohibited in many countries although it is one of the basic human rights.

Looking for honest people to evaluate their community situation in all aspects of life & be a part of formulating better decisions

We are also seeking wise people who want to measure their community acceptance / opinion before competing in elections or launching a new product.